Information, Communication & Technology Services:

Software Development: Developing software based on user requirement. We can develop software based on desktop, web, android and iOS.

Web Development: We can develop a website based on user requirement, including support and maintenance.

Social Media Monitoring: We provide services and solutions to assist customer in tracking, recording and analyzing every data on social media. This solution/services can attract all data on social media and visualize it into several metrics, complete with analysis. This services and tools also have capabilities to improve customer loyalty and can be measure in socialmeter.

Training: We provide MapInfo Professional and Spectrum Spatial Analyst Training

Tax and Accounting Consultant: We provide tax and accounting services for companies and individuals. The accounting and tax consulting services we provide include: # Fill in the SPT Period (PPh21 & VAT) and Annual SPT. #Preparation & Improvement of Accounting Systems. # Preparation of Financial Statements. #Operational Audit / Branch Holding Stock.